Small Homes that Rock

(this idea comes from Chris at Blue Ion – thanks Chris!)

We’ve done a few posts on this topic in the past, as cool or bizarre tiny houses make their tiny ways across our radar screen – there’s the Tumbleweed Tiny House, the “Greensburg Cubed” experiment, the 409 s.f. backwoods cabin, our own one-day-only (Earth Day that is) mini-Mixson house.  Then of course there’s the small furniture: the Doublespace bed, Casulo Mobile Furniture, and so many more.  So, in the spirit of the holidays – and New Year’s resolutions, which we know will always include “downsizing” and donating all one’s accumulated junk to Goodwill – here are some of the coolest little houses I’ve found:

From top to bottom, and left to right: A 10′ x 10′ cabin from

I LOVE the little green house.  These are by Ross Chapin.

Not exactly a house, but it still rocks.  Read about these Microflats.

This one’s from Hatch.

Is there an Ewok in there?  Seriously though, it’s amazing to see how a home can blend into the landscape once the right angles are gone.

And finally, what would a post about tiny homes be without a mention of Jay Shafer’s classic Tumbleweed Tiny House?  You can also read about one Tumbleweed tiny house devotee’s experience building her home here.

So maybe in 2009, start throwing out some of that extra, heavy, old, junky stuff you never use more than once a year.  We have the perfect place for you to do it, too: at the Mixson Marketplace.  You won’t believe what other people have to get rid of…

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