Traffic & Asphalt

car-3.JPGTwo articles caught my eye today. The first, on CNN’s website¬† from AP reporting that the average driver wastes 38 hours a year in traffic.

The next, a photo in today’s Post & Courier, showing a mother and her children enjoying the beautiful weather.¬† A great story and concept. The problem: The cars are taking over our lives!

nice-day.jpgShouldn’t there be more enjoyable places to walk along sidewalks and walking trails in this picture? Certainly we don’t all choose to live miles and miles away from our places of work.

The solution is out there. In our area there a growing number of neigborhoods that offer ample opportunities to live closer to where you work, and that encourgage and enable walking, biking, and other alternatives to the car. But there aren’t enough of them. Right now such neighborhoods occupy less than 1/2 percent of the 1.65 Tri County region. (source: Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Smart Growth Subcommittee) I’On, Mixson, Daniel Island, The Old Village, Park Circle, downtown Summerville…these are a start. But you can see for yourself what a difference some more could make.

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